I’ve done it. You’ve done it. Every relationship that’s ever existed has done it.

I know–I’m making it sound a bit dramatic, but you know that having a good relationship comes at a price. It really takes you and your significant other each giving 100% to let go of the endless cycle that every other couple can’t seem to get out of it.

Come on–you know what I’m talking about …


Every couple we know (including me & you) has refused to communicate so that we can move on!

You have refused making peace to prove that you’re right; to really show how angry & justified you are; or to just stick it to your significant other so they know who is boss!

There’s got to be a way out of this mess, right? Of course there is … and you’ve got some work to do.

Tired of bickering? 3 Simple Tips to Stop Arguments In Your Marriage

1. Saying, “I’m Fine”

It’s ok to not be fine. In fact, it’s ok to be angry. But it’s not ok to remain in that state. Refusing to talk and saying that you’re fine will only create a more difficult problem to deal with later on. So choose to deal with it now. You don’t have to share every thought that passes through your head, but you do need to grab a hold of the main ones & let them out. Your mind AND your relationship will thank you.

2. Holding Back The Honest Truth

The risk of insulting your significant other will sometimes be the price you pay for being honest. Now if you’re with someone who is just straight up cray cray, I can’t help. But, if you want to move on from the never-ending pattern of fights then you’ve got to be truthful about everything you’re feeling. Honesty doesn’t mean being harsh. Please, don’t be a douche just because you have some honest truths that need to be shared. When you do share honest truths be patient; be kind; and don’t blow up. When you can do those 3 things, although the truth will be difficult to hear, it will be received well. Your significant other should know you care enough to bring it up, and you should only do it because you want to build them up, not because you want to point out their faults.

3. Getting Upset At Small Things

You legit just have to let go of needing to be right or wanting to be annoyed at everything that could possibly upset you. Some things are just not worth the energy it takes to fight over. Besides, if you argue all the time, when something serious comes up you won’t have respectable ground to stand on because you always have something to say. Pick your battles, so you can have dignity to stand firm on the ones that really matter.

All three of these things don’t take drastic and life altering changes. They’re tweaks. Adjustments. Small changes that will make big differences.

Don’t get so overwhelmed feeling like it’ll take forever to have the relationship you dream of.

Be honest with yourself about these 3 things, and be intentional each day to work on them. It won’t happen overnight, but over time you’ll see how a life-long relationship is possible by communicating well.

I believe in you. I believe in your relationship. I believe you can make it.

Cheers to meaningful and long-lasting relationships.

With My Best,


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