It’s easier to roll over and pretend nothing’s wrong … it’s better to deal with the issue so you can start out tomorrow right. Here’s 4 reasons why you and your spouse shouldn’t go to be upset!

1 – You wake up immediately to an unresolved squabble.

“I just love starting my day out with a good disagreement!”, says #NoOneEver! This really isn’t some romantic and idealistic way to end each night … the practical side of it goes like this: (1) you wake up pissed off (2) you go to work pissed off (3) you come home pissed off. That’s too much pissy-ness. No thanks. Deal with your issue tonight, so you can start tomorrow right.

2 – You’re not positive tomorrow will come.

I like to end each day in a state of gratitude and thankfulness. Yes, even when I’ve had a really bad day. I like to be positive because it allows me to appreciate everything in my life more deeply. The reality is no one knows if they’ll be here tomorrow, so ending each day by letting go of your problems, stresses and worries will enable you to enjoy the present moment with your significant other.

3 – You’re allowing anger to consume you, instead of controlling it.

Look, anger isn’t all that bad! I mean, it allows you to recognize that you’ve got a problem with something. It’s a fantastic emotion that stops us dead in our path to say, “Yo, this ain’t right!”. However, when you don’t control your anger you relinquish your ability to have willpower & to be a strong person. Each day of our lives is about learning to deal with difficult problems and how to solve them effectively. Your relationship is no different. It takes time, effort and a whole lot of patience to have a good one. Be focused on controlling your anger and not allowing it to control you.

4. You miss out on the time to enjoy the moment and <3 (love) your mate.

Honestly, life has enough issues as it is … don’t make it worse by carrying yours over into tomorrow. Deal with it today. Yes, sometimes you’re just going to be in such a bad argument you might not even sleep in the same room … but right now we’re talking about stopping the petty brawl’s and ending each night with the same love you shared on the day you said, “I do”. Every moment with your mate is one to cherish. Don’t miss 1 more opportunity to say, “Goodnight, I love you so much”. (And some good sex–but only if you’ve put a ring on it.)

With My Best,

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