1. Who Made the Mess

Just freaking pick up after yourself. I mean–really–is it that hard to use a clothes hanger or scrub a dish & throw it in the dishwasher?

2. Who is Right & Who Is Wrong

Unless you’re having fun, it’s just not funny. You need to be more concerned with coming up with a solution instead of throwing a finger to begin the never ending blame game.

3. Who Works Harder

Unless your relationship is a total hot mess, you’ve gotta hop on the compliment bus and start building up your significant other instead of proving you’re the reason why the world is able to continue spinning.

4. Who Did More

Ever worked on anything with your significant other and felt like you were the one who made the show happen? While this may be true sometimes, it certainly doesn’t hold true all the time. Be glad you have someone else worth putting in any amount of effort for, instead of delivering death rays with your eyes because you lifted heavier this time round.

5. Meaningless Arguments

Arguments are like a negative version of sex–once you start it’s near impossible to stop. Unlike sex however, there’s absolutely no reward.

6. Stupid Things You’ve Done In The Past

Look–I understand it’s easy to forgive, yet difficult to forget. But if you really want to have a good relationship then you’ve gotta choose each day to not use stupid decisions as ammunition against your significant other. It’s a choicechoose wisely.

7. Chores

Grow up. Your life partner is not your maid; not your mother (or father); and didn’t sign up to parent you. A good relationship is not 50/50 … it is 100/100. You each gotta give out 100% and own up to the fact you need to do better, especially pertaining to chores.

8. $5

How many times have you flipped a freaking cheese-basket because you logged onto your bank account to see that your significant other ACTUALLY SPENT MONEY! If you’ve got a sour old look on your face because of a few dollars, get it smacked off.

9. NOT Making Enough Time

Dudes are the worst at this. Picture it this way … Your entire relationship is 1 elaborate cake. Each day you have an opportunity to make some time & eat the cake. You can either A.) Eat & enjoy the cake or B.) Throw the cake away. Once your cake is gone–it’s gone. And you’ll be left with memories of all the cake you’ve shared together or filled with regret of every piece you threw away. I’m going to eat the cake!

What about you? Are there things NOT on this list you think we could add? Let me know in the comments below.

With My Best,

– B


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