1. Don’t go to bed angry.

Sounds simple enough, but we all let silly arguments get the best of us and refuse to acknowledge the presence of the person lying in our bed. You should aim to start off each day fresh. Bringing in yesterday’s mess will always start your day off lousy.

2. Make Eye Contact

I know this may sound weird, but roll with me on it. We rush around pretty much everywhere with our faces stuffed into our phones. Take time each day to make real eye contact with your significant other and have a real conversation. It’ll let them know you’re actually there.

3. Silence your cell phones after 8pm.

Or at least about 1-2 hours before you go to bed. Not only will it help you sleep better, but you’ll be forced to become more aware of everyone and everything around you. Who knows, you might actually even have a conversation!

4. Show Affection

Everyone’s love language is different. So whatever your love language is, be sure to show it in some small way each day. Just like we deposit cash into our bank accounts–we’ve got to make investments each day in our relationship so we can see interest grow.

5. Choose Your Battles

Not all battles are worth fighting for. Sometimes you just have to let it go, and say nothing. Ask yourself this, “Is this argument really worth me defending & standing up for?”. If it is–do it respectfully. If not–let it the freak go.

6. Do “The Basics”

Tell your wife she looks pretty. Tell your husband you’re thankful for all he does. Be intimate (Only if you put a ring on it). Do nothing–just catch a few minutes to enjoy the present.

7. Say Something Meaningful

No, not something cheesy, and not something scripted. Just something simple & meaningful. Relationships work when both sides believe the other person is their biggest supporter and cheerleader. These random impromptu thoughts of meaningfulness are what build that high level of trust and appreciation for one another.

8. Know Your Real Purpose

A husband’s real purpose in his marriage is to make sure he is doing everything he can to help make his wife’s dreams come true–That means you should know what your wife’s dreams are. A wife’s real purpose is to stand behind her husband and support him–and challenge him when she’s just got that gut feelin’. When each side of the relationship does this, something magical happens.

Your relationship is never going to be perfect–but it can always be stronger. Ultimately, it’s our relationships in life that matter the most to us, so you must put in the time to make them last.

With My Best,



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