I can always tell when A (Alexandra) and I haven’t been communicating, because we begin to bicker like children teasing each other on a playground.

If your life is anything like ours, there is always something to do and somewhere to be. We actually went through a period where we had a hard time saying “no” to pretty much anything that popped up as something we should do.

Meaning, if we had time planned to spend together, it was super easy for us to allow work, commitments and family to pop up in the way and push aside the time we designated for “us”.

After having another bickering session, we realized that neither of us never really knew what the other was doing throughout the week, which made us feel out of control over our schedules.

We got sick of feeling like we never spent any time together, so we did something about it. For the first time ever, we both sat down together on our bed before Monday came and went over our plans for the week.

We scheduled in evening meals, date nite, grocery budgets, family time, double dates with friends; we checked in with each other on exactly what our week looked like, so we weren’t frustrated at the end of the week for not seeing enough of each other.

Having this rough game plan each week allows us to make sure we’re spending quality time together, and we feel in control of how we’ll choose to spend our time.

Now Here Are 3 Reasons A Weekly Schedule Will Make Your Relationship Closer & Happier

1. You’ll both tell time what to do, instead of time sneaking up on you.

For us, this was huge. I got so sick of always feeling like I was bossed around by time. When the reality was I just wasn’t honoring the commitments I valued in my own life. Sitting down and planning out the week gave me insight into what was coming each day so I didn’t feel like a little league t-ball player trying to hit a home run in the world series.

2. You may not have MORE time together, but you’ll value the time together more.

Ya know, A and I didn’t necessarily begin spending more time together each month, but we each knew what the game plan was and it gave us this super-hero power that we didn’t have before. It was this feeling of empowerment and super human strength because now we were calling the shots, setting the schedule, and deciding what we’d say “no” to before the question ever crossed our path. It became much easier to not feel out of control, because we already knew what our commitments would be, thus making “no” super simple because we already had made the decision before Monday rolled around.

3. You’ll save hundreds of dollars each month.

A plan written down is much more likely to be followed than an empty commitment that you’ll both forget. We believe in a $0 budget; in that every single dollar that comes through out account has a name. By telling every single dollar where it will go before the week begins you’ll set yourself up to win, and avoid wondering where all your extra money went that month. Alexandra and I actually do this at the beginning of each month, but we review our budgets each week to make sure we haven’t overspent, and we pull back in other categories if we have. There’s no easy button in life that fixes everything. A successful relationship comes down to over-communicating on the nitty-gritty so that you can win in every area of your relationship, even money; especially money! Add a short 10 minute budget overview before Monday hits and you’ll feel the pressure lift off of your shoulder on every purchase you make because you know you’re staying on budget.

Now I want to hear from you. What communication methods have been helpful in your relationship to keep the feeling of “closeness” alive? Would checking in before the week begins on schedules, budgets, alone time and family time help you feel more in control of how your week is spent? Share your insights in the comments below.

Invest in your relationship this week and do something worth remembering. It’s the relationship we form with the one we love most, that’s one of the most valuable possession we can have.

With My Best,

– B

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