I wear my emotions on my sleeve, as they say.

It’s always been difficult for me to mask my reactions. Somehow what I’m thinking and feeling on the inside gets displayed perfectly on my pale face for everyone to witness.

This is especially challenging when I really don’t want people to read my reaction to situations. More importantly than what other people think though, is the way that our emotions can flip the switch on how our day is going.

Birds have been chirping, sun shining and happiness soaring–until, BAM! Someone cuts you off in traffic; your boss hands you a project you don’t want to do; an unexpected task pops up; that person you can’t stand walks in the room; you snap at your significant other; your significant other snaps back at you …

Out comes your many emotions that stress you the freak out. 

Most of the time our first reaction to life is, “I just can’t handle this right now!” Because of this attitude we immediately blow up situations to be bigger than what they actually are.

We allow the emotion to take over and control us to the point of feeling like a balloon ready to burst at any moment.

Emotions are needed in life. Emotions are absolutely essential. 

An emotion shouldn’t be stopped–it should be controlled.

We encourage our children to express their emotions, but along the way of growing up we begin to believe as dignified adults we should bury inside the things that we’re feeling. Because of that, we become stressed out by certain emotions and we stop ourselves from feeling them because we haven’t learned how to deal with them.

Here’s 2 ways you’ve never thought of emotions before. 

1. Emotions are not good or bad. 

We classify emotions like jealousy, frustration, sadness, fear, envy & doubt as negative emotions because of what they turn you into when you dwell on them for long periods of time.

But you don’t have to dwell.

Sadness, for example, is an extremely helpful emotion when you allow it to express the way you’re feeling about a particular situation.

Life isn’t always happy. There are some really bad things that happen in the world, and you can’t express an emotion of happiness in a time of sadness.

Emotions are not good or bad–they are what you feel.

The good and bad is determined by what you do with the emotions after you feel them.

Will you dwell on sadness and hold it inside OR will you confide in someone you trust?

Will you allow your frustration to eat at you everyday until you explode OR will you let that person know you’ve got an issue and you want to resolve it?

Will you allow envy to convince you that your life isn’t good enough OR will you look around you and be thankful for the things you do have?

By experiencing these emotions you are feeling what it’s like to be human.

The good and bad is determined by what you do with the emotions after you feel them.

2. Emotions shouldn’t be stopped, they should be controlled. 

By stopping an emotion you are telling yourself, “I shouldn’t feel this way”.

Let’s jump to an emotion of jealousy.

Logic says it is bad to be jealous. The truth is that every human gets jealous.

It’s not wrong for you to feel jealous, it’s wrong for you to stay jealous. 

If another person walks into the room and everyone likes them, we can get jealous.

I’ve had this happen. Instead of making myself feel bad because I become jealous–I control the emotion and make it work for my benefit.

I’ve been jealous of people who are more liked than me.

Instead of making myself feel bad about this, I decided to care more about the people I do have in my life. I flipped my emotion of jealousy to be grateful & thankful for the people I do have, instead of being jealous about relationships that really don’t matter to me.

I don’t feel bad about my jealous thought because that emotion of jealousy brought me to the new mindset to care more deeply about the people who already are in my life and like me.

I don’t need everyone to like me. I don’t need to be admired by others. And I don’t need to stop myself from feeling very normal emotions that, when controlled, will make me a better person to the people I live my life with.

e all experience a range of emotions everyday. Don’t allow them to stress you out. Don’t feel bad for feeling them. Instead, choose to learn from these emotions how you can become a better person for yourself and the people you live life with.

With My Best,

– B

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