“How can this person be so stupid”, you think. So many thoughts are racing through your head. You make eye contact with the person across the table, and raise one eyebrow slightly because you’re both thinking the same thing. It’s obvious what they need to do, and it’s BEYOND you why they can’t see it. You’ve held it in long enough … it’s time … and out comes it comes … your opinion.

We have to understand is that our opinions are important and they do matter!

However the thing to remember is they’re not important to everyone and they really don’t matter to all people. There is an ancient proverb that expresses this point even clearer:

“A fool expresses all his emotions, but a wise person controls them.”

Our opinions are important to us because they are our personal views and attitudes towards life. We are emotionally connected to the things that place value in, and when it comes time to talk about those things our emotions take over, and our opinions come out to play.

Wisdom would tell you to learn to control your opinions. But, why?

4 Reasons why controlling your opinions will help you feel better about yourself.

  1. Some people only think you are an opinionated jerk, so don’t open up your mouth all of the time to prove you are indeed an opinionated jerk.
  2. The more you share your opinion, the less people will listen when your opinion could really make a difference.
  3. You will develop self-respect for yourself by holding back your opinion. Not everyone needs to know what you’re thinking, AND this will give you more time to come to a better thought out opinion on the subject at hand.
  4. You will STOP stressing out trying to make everyone understand your opinion.


Bonus thought : You DON’T have to have an opinion just because someone asks you what you think. You are ALLOWED to answer with, “I don’t think anything about that person” or, “I don’t have any thoughts about that issue”. You will remove loads of undo stress on your life by forming a life principle that says, “I don’t always have to have an opinion”.

With My Best,
– B

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