There was a point in my life when I decided to be positive, no matter what I undergo throughout my journey. I’m not sure there was a specific day where this clicked in my head. Instead, I believe it was a process of experiencing challenging moments in my life that brought me to living in a state of positivity.


In times where your integrity and character are faced with the reality of who you are, and who other people are, you have to make a choice. Your choice is to create a pessimistic view or a positive one. 

Pessimism is simply seeing the downside to everything.

Do you know anyone like this? It doesn’t matter what’s going on, this person will find fault in the best of things, and you know they’ll complain when life gets tough.

Being positive is seeing things clearly for what they are, and CHOOSING to remain upbeat anyways.

Positivity doesn’t deny that life can be hard, and it isn’t a wall you can stand behind to fake being happy. It is indeed, a mindset that allows you to get through the roughest of times by having faith that everything will work itself out.

Positivity means that you’re not going to be purposefully negative in your life. You choose not to complain. You take responsibility for your actions and your journey. You don’t blame other people for the condition you’re in.

It’s easy to find fault in others. It’s perfectly normal to complain.

That doesn’t mean that we should. I believe that you have the capability in your life to affect other people in a good way, that will then create a ripple affect and carry on.

Don’t be normal. Don’t participate in the bashing of other people, feeling sorry for yourself and blaming other people for how your life has turned out. Even if it is their fault, you’re the one to lose because you’ve let it stop you.

Remain positive, deal with your issues, and know with a dedicated persistency and a will to never give up, your heart of positivity will win. 

With My Best,

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