We all desire to live a balanced life of work, fun & family, but it isn’t easy. In fact, some days it feels dang near impossible to get right.

Living in the real world of tasks, deadlines, bills, relationships, marriage … it can get pretty overwhelming to say the least. So what’s a guy & gal to do when you want to live a balanced life but can’t quite hit the mark? Well, the answer is easy … but you may not love it.



Ugh. The dirty word that’s like the vegetable you know you should eat but you just can’t get down. In order to achieve real balance in your life you have to understand what it means to sacrifice AND how to implement it day to day without driving yourself mad.


Sacrifice is more like a strawberry than a beat. I mean, it has some bitter parts in it (those pretty green leaves on the top), but when you know something as simple as, “don’t eat the leaves” and to wash off the berry then you have a pretty delicious snack. Careful though because too much of it will hurt the belly.


We don’t live balanced & peaceful lives because we’re not willing to sacrifice things that are unimportant for things that are super duper important in life.


Here’s some simple tips to keep you sacrificing with balance!


1. Understand that sacrifice is temporary.

Everything has a time limit. Whether you’re going through a season of life where you need to focus on your kids, work, fitness or rest; there’s a limit. Understand that you don’t have to change everything all at once. Take bite size pieces of sacrifice and take it one step at a time so you don’t end up with an upset stomach.


2. You’ll never achieve balance–you’ll only maintain.

You’ll never “arrive” … you’ll always have to maintain. If you catch yourself looking at everything you read thinking, “I already know this” then you’ll stick your legs in the mud and make it dang hard to run forward with strides. Instead of running freely, you’ll be pulling as hard as you can with each leg just to take one step forward. Understand that you must continue to give attention to all areas at your life to keep it going forward at the right pace.


3. You’ll never get what you want, unless you do what you don’t want.

There’s always going to be something you don’t love to do … this is why you must develop the ability to buckle down and get to work. By knocking out the things that must be done, you’ll actually feel better about yourself for rising to the occasion and overcoming. Remember, sacrifice is temporary, but life is real and sometimes it ain’t like the movies make it out to be. You’ve got to roll up your sleeves and be productive. The most successful, wealthy and happy people in lives are those who do all of the things that unhappy & broke people are unwilling to do.


4. Be strong & courageous–don’t be afraid–don’t be discouraged!

You’ve got to keep your chin up and be daring! Strength doesn’t come by “feeling” strong all of the time … It is developed inside of us as we make choice after choice that builds us up. Don’t compare yourself. When you mess up, pick yourself up and keep right on going.


Stay intentional about achieving balance in your life and don’t allow other people to stand in your way of achieving the best life possible. You’re gonna die one day, and its up to you to make each precious moment you’re given on earth monumentally simple & special.


Appreciate the people around you and understand you’re not alone in wanting to live a more meaningful and healthier life. Allow healthy relationships to strengthen your life. Friendships are way more important than things. Place value on the things in life that live on forever.


With my Best,
– B

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