Our lives are short.

Like, short-short.

We don’t know if tomorrow comes, we only have the very present space that we’re living in right now. It’s scary how little time we have on earth to share the love with the people we surround ourselves with, especially our life partners.

A very sobering reality that we all face is death.

It greets us, sometimes, when we would least expect it to come. And in that moment we will either be filled with the regret of what we never said, did or experienced OR we will greet death as a dear friend, ready to pass on.

Cryptic feeling–I know. But more true than you’re probably willing to acknowledge as you skim through a quick read wherever you are right now.

You have some mental weight-lifting to do right now.

I’m not going to tell you to “live to the fullest.” Because no one really knows what they’re saying when those robot words roll out their mouth.

Live life.

That’s it. Live.

Live by being present–in every moment.

Live by being alive–not just consuming air, but actually giving something back to the people around you.

Most of the time no one ever remembers what you said, they remember how you made them feel.

I want to make you feel loved; encouraged; & that you have greater purpose in you than what you realize.

How do you want people to feel after they have been around you?

I’m convinced now, more than ever, that our world doesn’t need another superstar, hero, charismatic leader,  tv-personality or a shockingly good voice that sells records.

Our world needs good people. It needs, you, to be good.

It needs you to understand you are changing the world by changing 1 person. You are making a difference by raising a healthy family. You are making a difference by believing every small ripple you make will indeed touch countless lives you can’t see.

The whole world is waiting for you to realize how essential & important you are.

Don’t strive to be famous.

Don’t strive to be known.

Get rid of the ego.


Give everything you can, because the day will come when you can never give again–even one breath more.

With My Best,

– B

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