Me : “How are you?”
Friend replies : “Busy!”
Me : “That is crazy … ME TOO!”

How many times have you had this conversation with someone you know? This is pretty much a normal conversation I have with the friends in my life. We’re all, busy! So busy in fact, that more than a 5 minute wait in the McDonald’s drive-thru and we’re questioning the efficiency of the entire McDonald’s chain, because our kid needs their happy meal, NOW!

Our impatience is at it’s peak.

Our schedule is packed as full as possible.

Our lives can’t handle another responsibility or we’re simply going to break.

Is your time being wasted because you are trying to do too many things? Undoubtedly the screaming answer to this is YES … but the real issue is why do we continue living our lives this way? Pushed to the limit, stressed to the max …

It is time to stop setting yourself up for for failure. 

The resolution to this busyness nightmare isn’t to try harder, work longer and sleep less.

The resolution to cut activities and increase time with those whom you love most.

There are seasons of our lives where we MUST try harder, work longer and sleep less. However, requiring ourselves to live at that state will kill you. Maybe not physically, but it will destroy your joy, empty your spirit and keep you in a perpetual circle of never moving beyond a shotgun approach to getting things done.

Your life probably doesn’t need a major overhaul, it just needs a few minor adjustments that will get you waking up feeling fresh, get your mind sharper at work and remove the stress of all the things you need to get done each day.


Here are 5 ways I stopped wasting time & removed stress from my life:


1. Stop wasting your time because you’ve picked up a part time job watching television.

After 7 days pass in your life, watching an hour or two each day adds up to a part time job.You don’t need to consider removing cable or turning off the TV, you need to just do it. Not forever – but at least for 21 days. Let your cable box live at someone else’s house during this time if you need to. You will gain back the attention of your spouse and be forced to do something together without the pressure of watching your favorite tv show.

Once you’ve gone through 21 days – install it back if you want and live your life in balance.

2. Stop wasting time and don’t spend more than 30 minutes each day on social media (all of them combined)!

I’m all for social media – I make a living on it. But even for me there’s only so much I can handle before I feel completely consumed by it all. You’ve got to set a 30 minute time cap each day, and spend the rest of your time interacting with real life people. 30 minutes is plenty of time to converse, comment, post & share. Beyond that you’re just tricking yourself.

3. Stop wasting your time working extra hours and picking up extra shifts.

I work for myself, I work hard, and I work smart. Just because I work for myself doesn’t mean I have the opportunity to work less. In fact, as I’m in the younger years of my business I often have to work longer and harder than when I worked a 9-5 job.

So I’m not advocating laziness – but what I am advocating is to NOT continually take extra projects & overtime work for the exchange of “more money”. Instead, learn to manage the money you already make better. It’s not more money you need. You need to manage your time & finances so that you can spend more time with your family.

4. Stop wasting time telling yourself that you’re too busy!

Your words matter. If you tell yourself you’re ugly every morning you will eventually begin to believe it. If you tell yourself that you’re too busy, you will believe it. Your mind is an incredible thing, and the first step to declutterign a busy life is to start in your mind. Now, if you do have too much going on, remember what we’ve already said: cut your activities and increase time spent with those you love the most.

5. Stop wasting time and piddling around at night – get to bed on time and allow yourself the benefit of getting solid rest that will help you work more efficiently tomorrow.

I got a FitBit and I love it. I am able to track the amount of hours + quality of sleep I get each night. I realized that when I would only get around 6 hours of rest my work days seemed to drag on, my mind was not as sharp and I didn’t get as much done. So I focused on getting around 7 hours of sleep and the difference is huge. Some of you need to understand that you are ALLOWED to get good rest. It’s not selfish to want to wake up feeling fresh and ready to the best job possible at work. 

What is 1 thing that you know you need to stop wasting time on so you can remove the stress and busyness out of your life?

– Bryce

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