There’s always someone better, smarter or willing to sacrifice more than you to be number one.

[ In America ] we forget we don’t have to be number one to be fully satisfied with ourselves. We live with a “winner-takes-all” mentality and lose sight there’s room enough to go around.

Instead of celebrating those we want to be like, we secretly wish they’d crumble.

You should always applaud those better than you–wether you feel like it or not.

Why? Because you will never become what you cannot celebrate. 

Want to be liked? Stop being so negative towards people who are always upbeat.

Want to achieve something great? Stop tearing people down for trying.

Want to advance in your career? Learn from those who have already achieved.

We need to start over.

Its time to stop expecting ourselves to be the best, and be our best.

How To Remain Satisfied When Your Best Doesn’t Compare

1. Stop Comparing

There’s too many look-a-likes running around in our world because we’re focused so much on other people’s success we don’t live at our best. We live as second-rate versions of someone else instead of first-class versions of ourselves.

2. Applaud Others

Turn your envy into an applause for the person you want to be like. Celebrate them and their successes by recognizing you want to achieve similar goals. There’s enough room in the world for you and other people to succeed.

3. Good Things Take Time–So Take Some Time

I believe in a steady work effort, multiplied by time will produce lasting results. This is true in health, careers, relationships and faith. If you don’t put in the time & effort, you simply won’t reach your best. Nothing worth having is free. Put in the time.

Your best IS good enough and you’ve got to start living out of this truth.

Agree with me to be your best from this day onward.

With My Best,


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