Being an envious or jealous person is, as we know, a very undesirable trait to carry on a daily basis. It will leave you feeling empty & alone––like a huge hole sits inside of you. These two emotions are a power duo that when consumed in excess will mess up your freakin’ mind. But … what if they aren’t all that bad? 

What if being envious and jealous could actually help you, instead of hurt you? 


I’m refuse to make myself feel bad because I feel envious & jealous emotions sometimes in my life. I refuse to beat myself up because I experience this very real human emotion that everyone on the planet has to work through at some point in their life. It’s not bad to feel these emotions, what matters is what you choose to do with them. In order for these emotions to help you, instead of hurt you; you’ve got to keep it in balance.


We must learn to acknowledge these 2 emotions not as “good” or “bad”––we need to identify them simply as what they are: emotions. It’s what you do with these emotions that matter most. In fact, my friend, Sirius Black (from Harry Potter) said it best:


“We all have in us light & dark, Harry. What defines us is which we choose to act on.”


2 Positives Envy & Jealousy Can Bring To Your Life


1. It help you recognize what you want to achieve in life.

See, envy helps me to realize that I really like what someone else has obtained or achieved. It allows me to acknowledge that I may want something similar to what that person has. This is a good thing because many people walk around in life not having a clue what they want or where they want to head in life. Envy can allow you to improve the direction your life when you realize someone else has achieved the same thing you want.


Jealousy allows me to do something very similar as envy––it shows me that another person has something I want. Think about the last time you were jealous about something another person had. Now understand that you’re most likely NOT the only person who has recognized that person’s accomplishment and been jealous because of it. I want you to realize that you’re not alone in experiencing this emotion of jealousy. We all do.


2. It will develop a real sense of character in your life–if you choose right.

Anyone can get envious and bring themselves into a very dark internal place. But to the people who dare to rise above–experiencing these 2 emotions will force you to choose whether you will be eaten up by envy & jealousy and brought to a dark place of anger & greed OR you can choose to be positive by recognizing through patience, hard work and time you can achieve those same goals as well.


**WARNING**Envy & jealousy are a powerful duo–that if ingested too frequently or in heavy doses it will poison your body. 


It becomes dangerous when you move into a state of mind where you dwell on what someone else has you and you want to take it from them. We’ve all watched enough movies to understand dwelling on what another specific individual has and wanting to take it for yourself will lead you straight to the loony bin.


OK––maybe you won’t end up in the psych ward, but you will land yourself in a personal prison (which is even worse) that feels very alone. You’ll put yourself in a position of believing you couldn’t possibly get what you want by working for it––you’ve got to take it from someone else.


Outside of feeling incapable to achieve based off of your own capabilities, you begin to want for things you don’t really care about because you’ve handed your mind over to be entrapped on other’s achievements and ‘things’, that you are unable to see how hard they worked to get there.


Focus on bringing out the positives in these two emotions. You don’t have to feel bad just because you experience them, but you do have to choose what you’ll do with them.


With My Best,


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