3 Things Couples Do In Social Settings That Cause Deep Wounds

I know it’s really difficult sometimes to not joke about your significant other whenever you’re hanging out with your friends. It seems like you’re just saying something innocent & fun to make everyone laugh, but the reality is every joke has some truth to it. And on the other side of that joke is the person you’ve committed your life to. So it goes without saying that sharpening your ability to get better at these 3 things not to do in social settings will really strengthen your relationship.

How to Communicate Better in Your Relationship When You Argue

I’d like to say that my wife and I are one of those perfect couples who’ve done it all right–but that type of relationship just doesn’t exist. At least, not in real life. I think one of the hardest things to really [truthfully & honestly] do in a relationship is to acknowledgeunderstand and accept your significant others’ perspective. I mean, we say all of the time, “I understand where you’re coming from, BUT…” 

How To Remain Satisfied When Your Best Doesn’t Compare

There’s always someone better, smarter or willing to sacrifice more than you to be number one. [ In America ] we forget we don’t have to be number one to be fully satisfied with ourselves. We live with a “winner-takes-all” mentality and lose sight there’s room enough to go around. Instead of celebrating those we want to be like, we secretly wish they’d crumble. You should always applaud those better than you–wether you feel like it or not.

Your Many Emotions That Stress You The Freak Out

I wear my emotions on my sleeve, as they say.

It’s always been difficult for me to mask my reactions. Somehow what I’m thinking and feeling on the inside gets displayed perfectly on my pale face for everyone to witness.

This is especially challenging when I really don’t want people to read my reaction to situations. More importantly than what other people think though, is the way that our emotions can flip the switch on how our day is going.

Simple Tips to Live A Balanced Life

We all desire to live a balanced life of work, fun & family, but it isn’t easy. In fact, some days it feels dang near impossible to get right. 

Living in the real world of tasks, deadlines, bills, relationships, marriage … it can get pretty overwhelming to say the least. So what’s a guy & gal to do when you want to live a balanced life but can’t quite hit the mark? Well, the answer is easy … but you may not love it. 

The Danger of Being Passive in Life

Ya know, there’s a real danger to being passive. Being passive is not a character trait, it is a character flaw. In our life we have many opportunities to be passive about different situations. We say it’s “OK” and we act like things don’t bother us and “it isn’t that big of a deal”. When, on the inside we are screaming and yelling because what we’re really wanting to say isn’t coming out.